business name

Hello people, question? im new at this wholesaling business and was wondering do i need to have a business name before i start doing this or can i get one after a few sales?

You don’t need one ever. But I have one after 0 sales.

You don’t need to incorporate either, but I am.

Forget a business name for now… Find some deals and make them happen. If a name comes up that you like later then go that route. But don’t let choosing a name slow you down from finding deals. I’ve seen plenty of people in other businesses use the “I need a name before I can do anything” excuse to procrastinate into not doing anything.

Just work. Worry about the name later (or never).

I sometimes get asked what is the name of my business. I tell them it’s just my wife and I and were looking to buy a few houses.
We have cash and we use north American Title Company. That seems to satisfy them.

thanks everyone for your info