business name w/o using llc

I have a llc already established for my rental property business i am starting.
Do I always have to use the letters llc when using my business name.
such as for advertising, business cards, letter, notices . example

xxx rentals or xxx rentals l.l.c.
I prefer to not use llc if i dont have to.

thanks for the help

Yes, you should use LLC in your company name. Whether it’s the law in your state or not, I don’t know. However, that is your company name, why not use it? Furthermore, it lets everyone know that you are a savvy investor with a serious business and have asset protection in place. Scumbag predators and their scumbag lawyers will think twice before suing a LLC.


I agree and depending on where your business is formed, several states have harsh remedies for a creditor that seeks to recover from an LLC, which actually deter litigation.

i’m almost 100% positive that you have to have the term “LLC” or “L.L.C” or “Limited Liability Company” - after the name of the business in every state. i know for sure that in NY you have to.

the only way not to is to file for a fictitious name - with the state business is located in and the state you’re doing business in.

i’m struggling with an issue regarding business name and website. i named our business the same as the website… Inc.

now when we develop the site - it’s not going to say Inc.

it’s only going to say

because it’s a website. under the About Us tab - Inc will be featured, as well in the Privacy Policy and other places -