Business Lines of Credit

Has any one heard of or have used I-Bank? They claim they will submit your business information to dozen of lender who specialize in unsecurity lines of credit and business loans. Of course they do this for a small up front fee. :help

AMEX has a 4.9% life of balance transfter offer on a few of their cards. You gotta do it within 45 days. And you aren’t charged a dime for the fee. If you or your business have great credit, it’s impossible to beat in my opinion. I would like to ask somebody in the finance forums to beat it!!


I have an AMEX b-card, but haven’t come across that offer, (but have heard about something like it before). Is it worth it to simply call and ask about it? Should I try to increase my credit limit as high as possible first? Thanks.

Thanks Guys. I will check into American Express Business Credit cards Will post the outcome.