business lines of credit?

I have been all over the Experian website and dont see the access to leads you mentioned…I see B2B leads but not consumer. Any suggestions? ::slight_smile:

They are B2B leads. They are working under the assumption that people who buy these leads are doing so for business purposes. Just give them a call and tell them what you are looking for and they will give you a bid.

Call them and tell them I am looking for personal credit files with mortgage defaults?

So you don’t sound creepy…lol. Ask for “trigger” or “event” leads. Tell them you want leads that have phone numbers.

ok so i am looking for event leads, in a geographic area, for homeowners…is that the best way to approach it?


Won’t the loans show up under the LLC rather than personal credit.

Not if there is a personal guarantee involved.

Very interesting…But…Most mortgage companies don’t report the lates, just the FCL. I don’t know why though. But if you are trying to get a new mortgage, I know they will call the previous lender and get a very detailed report.

Maybe you could work that out.

How have your results been using this method? I would think without a notice of default yet most of these folks would still be in denial.

Ohhh…we are are on different wave legnths. I’m talking about lates on residential mortgages not business lines of credit.

check this out: