business lines of credit

hello people im new to this forum im a loan officer in texas and i wanted to know if any one has tried the tom kish program for business lines of credit i am strongly considering ordering the packet. and i want to know if anyone had success using this progam or if not which programs are are most valuable and informative for beginners… ???

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I’m not familiar with this program but I know that if you don’t have any bad credit history then it is easy for you to apply for a loan.

I recently looked into a company called Benetrends. They said that they could help me get unsecured business lines of credit in my business name, that do not report to my personal credit, even though I would still be personally liable for the loan. My credit has some issues that prevented me from moving forward, otherwise I would have given them a try.

Google them and see what you think.

From what I read about the Kish program, you have to do a lot of it yourself. There are other companies who will do all the legwork for u. I personally dont have time to deal with building biz credit, but Ive been doing research on a company to help me out so i can use biz cc lines for my rehabs. The best ive read about so far is called credit card buidlers. I watched a webinar that they put on and it gave some really good info - a lot geared toward real estate investors!!

Ya think? :rolleyes

The other thread will be useful in terms of an answer to the specific question.

Forget the program for a second. Just what do you think you want to accomplish if you create a bit of credit in a company’s name? Are there better ways to get to the goal?