Business License?

Do you need a license in order to form LLCS? If not in what instances would you actually need to aquire one?

it depends on the state you’re located in. visit your department of state website.

if you want to invest in real estate - you need no license. if you want to negotiate the sale of real estate on behalf of someone else, or auction it off - you’ll need a license.

to practice law - license.

medicine - license.

therapy (in a lot of states but not all) - a license.

plumbing - on your own for your own business - license

electric - license

the list goes on. but NO you do not need a license to start any business entity.

The location where you hold your office determines if you need a business license (i.e.; city, county)

This is a state/local issue. Some states require every LLC to pay a license fee in addition to the annual fee. Some localities require every business to have a license. Some states require nothing than the annual fee to the Secretary of State and there are some that don’t even require that. Check with your state’s Secretary of State and your local city/town hall. Another good place is your local RE association.

Since this is an RE forum, I assume your LLC is RE related. If you plan to rent property, check with your local authority for occupancy permits for rentals as well as annual and pre-rental inspections. Some places won’t allow an eviction unless all paperwork is in order.