Business License

Please advise what business license is needed for Real Estate Investing being that I am not a realtor. If I am buying a selling by Lease Purchase and Subj2, rehabbing, wholesaling etc. Please advise. thank you!


If you operate under a corporate entity your entity is required to comply with business laws in your state! Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Investment Homes, Inc. requires a business license.  Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Investment Homes, LLC. requires a business license!

If you are buying, creating and selling your equitable interests to wholesale, fix and flipping, land lord, increasing or decreasing your personal portfolio in your own name and answering the phone, writing on contracts your actual name then your not required to have a business license because your investing for your personal interests!

If your operating as a DBA (Doing Business As) and your business website is and you are putting “snow white and the seven dwarfs investment homes and / or assigns” then you probable need to file a legal DBA and get a business license!

Good luck,