Business Hours

How did you come up with your hours of business and why? I cant decide if i should work Sat. and Sun.

You opening a convenience store or working in real estate? I have found that I don’t have set hours. I work when I need to. Sometimes I have an 8-10 hour day, sometimes 2-3, sometimes 0. It just depends. I have found that weekends run together with weekdays anymore. You will probably hear alot of different opinions on this, I think you just need to find what works for you. Good luck! :beer

I honestly think this is the greatest part of being self employed. I have always felt that even if I made little compared to what I could in working for someone else, working when I NEED (need and want intermingle when you do what you want) to is great. I love hte fact that weekends merge with the rest of the week and Im not sitting around twiddling my thumbs if I dont need to.

If youre asking because of when to keep the phone on, just turn it on silent when you are doing stuff like family things. Do it when what you are doing outweighs talking to sellers. For me this is ony when Im with family.

If youre looking for times to put on business cards or something, dont bother. What if you put 9-5 and youre sitting around one evening with nothing to do, but nobodys calling because of those times. Youre putting roadblocks in front of yourself.

Im using this in a positive way - This isnt a real job! What the heck are you doing trying to make it one?!

Im using this in a positive way - This isnt a real job! What the heck are you doing trying to make it one?!

I like that!!

A self made millionair once told me he gets up at 5AM and starts his emails and letters and research from home. BY 9AM he is done and goes to the gym and then work at 11AM… From 11AM to 6PM he sits in an office and meets people and chats on the phone. Then at 7PM he follows up with business dinners or drinks.

He then added, he makes 90% of his money from 5AM to 9AM when everyone is sleeping and commuting to work. the middle of the day is just for networking, but not closing important deals. All those are made early in the morning with research or mingling over drinks at night with the occassional handshake deal on the golf course around 9AM…

So want to make money, work 24/7. It is your business and you need to always be ready to work and earn money. If someone calls you at 11PM and says lets meet now, i want to sell you my home at 45cents on the dollar, what are you going to do… Say I call in at 8AM and make plans to meet… NOPE you grab your pen and contract, drive 1 hrs and get it signed…

Thanks for all the help guys.

Who said this is not a real job? this is by all means it is a real job, and you should treat it as such. You are running a Real Estate business and you are the CEO, President, or Manager of the operation. The rules, guidelines, and policies you set for yourself now will pay off later when you hire help because you would hand over a piece of the work you usually do to them.

Joker, when you become large enough to have an office and employees, then you need business hours for the office. You however, need to work evenings and weekends. I usually don’t see much activities from sellers on Saturday and Sundays unless I schedule time to go see the house. Most sellers work from 8 to 5, so I usually visit them after 5pm and on weekends. I answer the phone 24 hours/7 days a week but in reality, I don’t get that many calls. Only one at 7:30am on a Sunday so far, which is not bad. Most of my calls and contacts are between 10am and 8pm. I also have to visit my contractors on the site at odd hours. For example, I had to go to Homedepot today at noon to pay for couple of brushes and extention for ceiling fan.

Work a half a day. You can choose whether you want the first 12 hrs or the second.

Youre taking my comment as I was hoping no one would.

Usually the term “not a real job” is an insult, but I mean well. Maybe “its not a traditional job” is better.

You dont have set work hours, you dont have a boss, you arent sitting around twiddling your thumbs because even though theres no work you still have to be there.

To me the above are not desireable, so for someone to try and make it out to be those things, seems odd to me, I guess is what I am saying.

I don’t want a traditional job. To me set work hours makes you a slave to the clock. I want freedom and the ability to be creative. You don’t get those in normal jobs.

Ok I am glad we are on the same page. I do agree, people think getting into real estate means part time, do what you like all day and only work couple of hours a day. In reality, it takes more effort at times and you have to be on call all the time.

I agree, like the difference is like between a job and a profession.
You can’t take real estate business just as a part time job, or just care about it in some part of the day.
Actually your phone is ringing randomly through the day, and you never know what’s coming next.

But that is what makes it great.
New challenge, different conditions, same professionality. hehe :slight_smile:

I totally disagree with this post. I wonder if this millionaire ever ended up in divorce because the absolute worst thing you can do is not have clear cut boundaries.

I am a new investor, however my wife and I have a cell phone business. We sell mostly to other dealers, online, and people who call us. With no brick and morter we depend on our phones to ring or our email box. But we do not take calls after 11 pm, and on Friday, after 8pm, that is our date night.

You need balance because I guarantee you if you don’t you will distance your family because of choosing money first. Money is not hard to make. But an offended family member is hard to win back. The most important thing is to setup hours that work for you and your family. If you are single, then none of this matters of course. If not 24/7 will kill your relationship.

Just to some it up, if you were on your deathbed, what would you want, your money, or your life companion by your side.