business credit // funding

:cool where and who gives business credit and funds loans with out any personal credit in the mix>>> just on the business only

IF any how small amounts and how large??

You’d be better off spending a little time and money on fixing your own credit first if that is the problem. It will go a long way towards making your life alot easier, especially when it comes to lending and credit. Did you know that your credit now affects your insurance premiums? Rather than trying to find a lender who will give your business credit with no personal credit check, I would fix my personal credit and then gladly say, check my credit. :biggrin

I use Capital One Small Business. They have granted me 100K in business lines of credit. No referance to the business loans appear on my personal credit report. However they will check you pesonal credit history sence you are still the grantor of the business loans. If you have a Business LLC or Corp. that is two years old and have a Dunn and Bradstreet business rating you may be able to establish business credit without using you SS# and personal credit history. The better you personal credit history the easer it is to establish business credit. GOOD LUCK :bobble

:cool yes this brings up a good question what if you have a corporation 2 years or more old with a D & B # would the business line of credit still need to look at your personal credit ??? AND if so why ??

AS you can get people i am told whom would be temporay officers of the corporation just so the loan can be done in the corporations name

THEN the temporay officer and or officers just go away ??

ANY responses to this question and line or lines of thinkung