business cards

If you are starting out wholesaling properties without an LLC, what do you put on your business cards (your name)? Also, what are some good phrases to include on the business cards as well (such as, I buy houses cash. any price. any condition)?

i buy houses, fast cash
your name, email, website and number

wondering if anyone uses two separate business cards. one for investors and one for sellers?

The reason I wonder is because I’ve got two phone numbers. one phone number is my skype phone which is the number on my bandit signs. That goes to voicemail and is for lead contact purposes only.

The other number is my cell phone and I only want 2 types of people to have that number:

  1. investors
  2. possibly sellers who I am under contract with and heading toward close.

Additionally, I plan on having two websites. one to generate leads and the other to showcase properties to investors. I don’t want the sellers to see my properties website because I think it is in bad taste to do so. I was advised to keep sellers completely separated from my investor activities.

So, to recap, my current business card has the skype number on it but my business name which is Moveright Properties.