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when getting business cards made for my wholesale business, what should i ad on the card. should i put my own name or just we buy houses. Can anyone let me know the best way for business cards

Real Estate Services or We buy houses
website if you have one

Who are you giving these business cards to? and what do you want them to think when they look at it a week later?

I use different business cards. If I am after private lenders, equity partners, lenders, etc. I am not giving them a card that says I BUY HOUSES with comments about bird dog fees on there. Rather a nice professional card that looks business!


It is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Here’s an example of a good business card. None of the numbers are still active but here’s what to look at.


1. Company Name
2. Website - In this case it is embedded in the email.
3. Slogan - We Buy USED Homes
4. Offer - Offer in 24 hours, ALL CASH, AS IS
5. Address - for credibility
6. Phone, Fax, Email

Done on the right paper, this card can be used for both professional meetings (bankers, chambers, etc) and informal meetings (with sellers)

IMPORTANT! Make sure the back of your card is NOT laminated. I know people tell you to sell here but I disagree. This is where you write SELLER information when you don’t have paper. Afterwards you can pass that card on to one of your G.R.E.A.T. Buyers so they can go look at the house.

Many companies can produce these cards for you. I like a company called AAA Business Cards out of California. They are not the very cheapest, but they ship on time and have a back that is not laminated.
(Google them)

Hope this helps,

Matt Gerchow
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thank you everyone for the info