Business Cards

Hi everyone! This is my first post here. I have been reading everything on this forum and others for quite a while now and reading plenty of books on REI for the past 5 years or so. I just graduated from college and moved down to the Orlando area from Indiana, I love it! Anyway, enough about me…
I want to do some bird dogging / wholesaling to start my real estate investing career, this forum has taught me so much and I thank everyone for all the insight, but now is definitely the time I start asking questions because I have set a goal for myself of July 1st for my first real estate transaction (hopefully sooner, but we’ll see).
So, I am going to start attending a few of the REI clubs in the area and I want to make some business cards before I attend. What would you recommend I put on my card as I start my REI career? I want to start as a BD/wholesaler but should I put something to that effect on my card for right now, or just go straight ahead to “we buy houses” or something to that effect? Or maybe even something like “aspiring real estate investor” or something like that? Any suggestions for the business card and/or my first trip to the REI club meetings?

Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions!

Mike S. (FL)

hi Mike,

 A basic white card with your company name, your name,  real estate sales and acquisition, phone, fax, and email address. On the back $500 to any leads that end in a purchase or something to that effect.  Nothing elaborate nut i would never put aspiring real estate investor. If you have been reading as much as you say you are more qualified than the average home owner which makes you more of an authority than they are. Congrats on moving to orlando, i was just there and the weather rocked.


I would agree with Darren. Stay away from writing aspiring real estate investor. IF you were to use that you would be shooting yourself in the foot before you even got a real chance to talk with someone.

Keep it simple…Darren gave you some good information to put on the card. If you want check out you can get 100 cards made for free plus 6 bucks in shipping. That might start you off right. You can test and see what happens and then eventually get some more made.

Good luck.