Morning Everyone,
I’m in the process of starting my marketing campaign and have a quick question about the business cards? I have a message for the postcards and I don’t really want to duplicate it and make the business card seem like a small cheesy ad. I would like to produce a very professional business card but also provide the necessary information to “get their minds thinking”, and persuade them to call. Because i am targeting specific areas, houses, etc., most people will already have an idea of my services from the flyers. Is there any information (other then the basic name,#,company,etc.) that you all would REQUIRE on your cards? What would you suggest to make the cards stand out? any help is appreciated. ;D

Best idea I heard of but have yet to implement. A person made up a card that looks like a folded up $100 bill. If it was on the floor it would be picked up immediately. Anyway, I haven’t found a design for that, but looking for it.