Business Cards

where is the best place to get these made at and for what price?..thanks

I have had good luck and quality with

I had a local print shop do them. They cost me $89.00 for 1000 of them.

Sir Speedy has good rates. $52/1000 for 4 color ink cards and $27/1000 for 2 color ink cards(standard). You can custom design them right on the website.

If you have a good inkjet/laser printer. You can always make your own.

I would never use an inkjet or your own laser printer to print your own business cards.
A realtor that I know uses the perforated print at home or at the office business cards
and they look real tacky. does a fantastic job. I also have a sports photography business (going by the wayside very fast because of REI) and had cards printed
from They are thicker and of higher quality (and this is coming from a professional photographer) than what you can print at home.

Perhaps, but if you have a very small marketing budget, Its a good first step when you go to REI clubs and introduce yourself to the group. I will consider when I get my first deal under my belt and can allot more money for professional looking cards. thanks


If you are on a budget and need to get started, print your own cards. I print my own Business Cards on an Ink Jet Printer and they look great. I bought heavy weight business cards with easy perforations and you can’t even see the perforations. Do not buy the cheap business card stock paper, or you will be able to tell.

Free cards are available at

You should first check out – Buyer Beware! “FREE” VistaPrint Biz Cards , BY , NoMoneyDown

It is in Marketing Forum

broker404 and others,

Bruce is right…before you get the “free” cards from VistaPrint, read this thread:;action=display;threadid=8570

I’m not saying “don’t use VistaPrint”, I’m saying understand going in what may happen to you!


OK its settled, when I do my first deal, I will buy a supply of business cards. That being said, has anybody printed anything at any of the following places:
Office Depot
Office Max

thanks for any response
noob from florida