Business cards for wholesaling

i am getting business card for my business and i would like some :help on what i should include on my card and suggestions.

thinkbillions - I thought about getting business cards for my business. I decided to print them at home instead. This gives me the opportunity to change the message. Instead of buying 500 or 1000 cards, I can print them as I need them.

In addition, I am priting what I think is useful information in the back of the card. If I print it at home I can change the information in the back also. For example, right now I am printing some important phone numbers - such as the local power company, local gas company, etc. I am also planning to print a tips table - how much to tip when you go out to dinner. I am hoping this will increase the chance that my card will not be thrown away… At least not immediately.

I hope this helps.

PS: I can’t vouch for success on any of the above as I have just starting doing it… Good luck!

I would not print them at home… business cards very cheap and the time and effort you put into it is not worth it.

Thinkbillions, who are you giving these cards to? other investors or prospects/sellers?

Fadi - true. I was not thinking about the cost. I was thinking about the flexibility. If I print at home I can change the message anytime I want. I feel a little bit uncomfortable commiting to a message and ordering 500 business cards at once (I believe this is the minimum in order to get good pricing).

I guess a good approach would be to combine both - order a set and print at home when you want something specific…

Have a good day!

You know… just because you got them, does not mean you have to use them :slight_smile: I have thousands of post cards and business cards at home that I will never use… It is part of the business… I am going to design 3 new business cards for different type of people…

fadi - you are right again… :O) I hate waste… I guess this is a result of the way I was brough up. I guess if I order 500 business cards I will feel like I have to use every single one of them. But you are probably right - even if I only use half of them I would probably end up ahead than if I printed them at home…

I guess I will need to rethink my approach… :O)

Thank you.

I guess I’m old school in this area, prefering to go with raised lettering rather than the usual picture stuff. If you use the latter, doing them at home should work. But nothing has the feel of a professional high-grade card…

Hi, I am new here… I just purchased business cards from They have 250 free business cards and you just pay shipping, or you can upgrade to any other type of cards on their site. It has always worked great for me, and it is within a starting investor’s budget. :wink:

A previous post under another subject:

Warning about Vista Print....I ordered some business cards from them and went through the online checkout as usual. Well... they went into my bank account several days later and took a lot of money...caused me to go into the negative...before I realized what had happened my banker called me and told me I was in the negative and how much. I didn't even know. I have several accounts and hadn't checked this one account in a while.

Finally after about a week and a few heated calls to Vista Print…they reluctantly refunded the money…but refused to refund the overdrafts. My banker wiped the overdrafts out for me.

They claimed that when I went through the checkout that a pop up window came open and I joined some kind of membership program…which I didn’t! I told them I have a pop up blocker so a pop up couldn’t have came unless I ok’ed it. All I wanted was my business cards.
I had ordered from Vista Print before so I know how to use their system and I knew what I wanted. I never join those online things and never seen one of Vista PRint.

All I wanted was a simple little order of business cards and ended up nearly messing up my account. If it had not been for my banker watching and letting me know…who knows how much they would have eventually took.
So just be very aware when using Vista Print.

Spend the money and get the design work done and have them professionally printed… Your a real estate investor, you want to look like you have the means to buy someones house when they ask you to… If you cant spend the money on something small like cards, then how you gonna buy their house?? thats what i think the prospects will think… As far as info goes… list every possible way they can contact you… Some people like phones, emails, website forms or whatever… The more ways you have the more potential prospects their will be…

Good Luck

everyone was very helpful

I just ordered mine also from vista print. I just put on there…“I buy houses” Because that is what I do…I buy them to sell. As stated earlier, very cheap for us new investors! :slight_smile:

Did i read print it in your house? That’s very costly… mass produce, mass print it!

Having a few customized one (that laser-targets your audience so to speak) is far better than having a lot of cards… quality over quantity. Of course, choose who’ll get your card. :slight_smile: