Business cards for wholesalers

I’m a newbie investor focusing on wholesaling. What would be a good message to put on my cards (i.e. I’ll Pay Cash for Your House, etc.) ? And what am I supposed to “officially” call myself on the card (my title)… Real Estate Consultant??

Good to meet you

What you call yourself isnt as important as what you call your business.

Here is a picture of my card…


Good luck


The thing that is effective about MichaelQuarles card is that it clearly spells out what he does, and gives the recipient the information they need to contact him… having the website is a key, as this is basically what people turn to first as it lets them get to know you anonymously first, and then contact you when they are ready…

What you do and how to get a hold of you.

Stickers are also very effective for wholesaling.

You can stick them on the doors of vacant houses.
That way they will be there when the owner returns.

Ok thats crap

I wouldn’t use stickers, but post it notes are certainly nice…not as difficult to peal off.

Business cards are a good tool because they are something physical that your potential clients can hang out to and make a connection between you and the card. But as stated in previous posts you should also make a website that is easily conveyed on your business card. Most clients who remember you will most likely visit your website first if they are having any questions or thoughts. It is important to provide enough information on your website to ensure it is not vague and provides potential clients with enough insight that they will want to contact you.

Myles Weisman