Business Cards ASAP

I currently have 1 hour to decide what I am going to put on my business card and I really am not sure what that is going to be. ANY comments will be appreciated.

Here is the situation. I am 21, in college, looking to start out as a birddog in Toronto. Tomorrow there is going to be a monthly real estate investors meeting in my city and i wanted to have a business card ready to hand out so that i could make some valuable connections.

I was planning on putting on it “I Buy Houses” which is not entirely true, but i was thinking that it would get people phoning me with deals that I in turn could pass on to more seasoned investors. I was also thinking whether or not i should put “Bird Dog” on it? I am not really sure if that is a good idea or not.


This response is probably too late, but I definitely wouldnt put “bird dog” on the card…just doesnt sound right. If someone handed me a card and it said bird dog on it, I would get a nice chuckle out of it and thats about it.

I think you need to decide what you want to do with it? Do you want to be a bird dog and thats it for now or what?

I am not sure if you need a design, but I know that has some very nice business card templates that you can use. Just keep in mind the price it will take to produce them… I got one that I really liked and because of the amount of colors included, it cost me a lot more per card than I was expecting :rolleyes.

In terms of what to put on your business card, maybe think of something simple like “quality deal finder” or if you are going for something catchy, write “an investor’s best friend” :cool. Hope this helps.