business card example

I am in the process of making my business card. Can anyone email me a scan of their card, or at least tell me what they say on their cards?


I’d love to hear about people’s cards as well! Please share on this thread! :slight_smile:



I have two business cards, professional and marketing one.

Professional business card has the regular information, nothing fancy. I use it to give it to professionals or other investors I meet.

The marketing one is red and yellow with large font “I Buy Houses!”, phone number, and my name on the front and marketing message on the back. I stuff these in the envelopes I send out to prospects and I had them out to people. Think of them as a small bandit sign.

Where did you get your marketing card?


I ordered my cards from I got 2000 of them for $129.

any examples of business cards. for a bird dog.

guys, if you go to the REIA meeting, you can get hundreds of business cards…