Bus Tours Training, Paying for a Mentor

I attended an Armando workshop. It was encouraged for us to do one of his Bus Tours, which includes 3 intensive days of training; going with him and his teams participating from square one to making the deal. There is also the opportunity sign up to work with a mentor, including one-on-one in person sessions for a full year. You could do one or the other, or for a packaged deal, get both programs for a reduced investment cost. Would this be a good investment for me to do, if I have the funds for them?

Don’t waste your money. Do a search on here about Armando. The guy is a ripoff artist through and through.

Did you wash your hands? With LOTS of soap?


Armando does know what he is doing to make money. I just don’t think that anybody can do what he does. If you are going to one on one with him and that is what you want to do then it is ok. If you are going to one on one with some guy he hired that was selling cars last week then no. It is not worth one on one with anybody that does not have what you want. I mean the 5,000 sqft house the car and boat etc. You are not one on oneing to learn real estate you are doing it to learn to be that guy.

Hold on to your wallet, and tightly. :bs I’m afraid to ask what the price for all of this lavish attention is. :rolleyes

I believe it’s $30K.


Run fast, run hard, and don't look back!


Is that all? Well, then, I stand corrected. At that price sign me up twice, please. :rolleyes

I’ll take 2, please!!

The best person to learn from is someone who is working in your market. Go out and network with other investors and I bet if you keep at it you’ll make friends and those people who give you all the help you need and for free.

I actually trading doing some website setup for a mentoring program with a local investor who has helped me out immensely!

Save the 30k (or what ever it costs) and work to learn your local market

I’m surprised no one complained to the FTC about his deceptive marketing. Dave Del Dotto got a $200K fine for doing that. You can’t take a guy seriously who makes the following claims (from his website):


"Yes, you can Flip and Grow Rich even if you:

Have no money
Have bad or no credit
Have no business experience
Have no construction experience
Even if you have failed at every other business
Have a job or are a stay at home mom"

Right! So, a stay at home mom with no money, business experience, and bad credit can suddenly flip houses and make $35K a deal. Explain that one. Oh, that’s right. You have to pay him $30K before he’ll reveal his secrets…