Burnt Home in a Great area.

Historically Significant bldg FRONT WALL ONLY remaining from a dramatic fire in '05 that destroyed the 4 condominiums-1 per fl. 2nd fl was commercial office condo. Sought after loc: a block of gothic 19thC homes overlooking a gated triangular park, E.S Plaza , city views and rear garden. Would be new const using the bldg facade. Variances may be req.

House is selling for 90k, and another total rehab house next door that was not in a fire is under contract for 200k. I am very interested in this project however, from the description above, it would seem kind of risky?? the asking price is 90 k, houses in this area are not available to often and this is in a great neighborhood. What type of offer should I make if any? Thanks for help.


Do you have experiences with ‘scrapes’ or with new construction? If not, then this is most likely going to be alot more involved than you anticipate. I would remember the saying…‘baby steps’.