Burning Newbie Question for the Veterans!

And that question is: “What are some of your successful marketing/lead generation methods?” Do you find calling FSBO’s, FRBO’s and expired MLS listings very productive? Or do you rely exclusively on your own efforts (like signs, posters, mailings, placing newspaper ads, referrals, etc.) to bring in seller calls?

And about finding buyers - Do you wait until you have a property under contract before finding a tenant-buyer for a lease-option or do you put together a book of tenant-buyers simultaneously? (In either case, do you use the same lead generation methods mentioned above?)

Now I know this is a compound question, but I can’t wait to see the responses! Please take the time to share…

Thanks all, and take care!


Do you find calling FSBO's, FRBO's and expired MLS listings very productive?

No, not compared to other methods, but how many deals does one need?

I went the higher dollar route (signs, ads, billboard, flyers, mail, etc.) for years, but withdrew almost all of it in 2002. I even met and designed campaigns for TV and radio at one point, but never followed through. In my experience bandit signs were the most effective, followed by my web site.

That said, folks I know who do consistent volume seem to get most of their leads from networking and bird dogs.

Oh, the old chicken-egg question regarding buyers. I’ve seen answers that make sense for both sides. I’ve never had the time to properly manage the buyers so I’ve pretty much let that go. At one point when I was rocking along, I had over 200 buyers in my email database.

The market has much to do with how you advertise. When Austin was experiencing the hottest sellers’ market in its history, I simply placed an ad in the paper and made tenant/buyer prospects fill out an application and fax that along with a copy of their driver’s license before they could even view the house (for keepers). Those days are long gone. :crying

Many of us are trying different methods to attract folks now. I have one friend who’s offering free DVD players. Another I know was offering vacations (not sure if he still is). Another investor (don’t know him) offers X amount of free groceries. This is in addition to all the other methods you mentioned.

I’ll be interested to see what other responses you receive.

ads, signs and direct mail. it takes too much work to stay engaged in calling sellers

Most of my best deals were found by networking. By networking, I simply mean letting people know that I’m in the business of buying houses. People call me when they are DESPERATE to sell. Part of this is building a reputation of being able to close deals. Your reputation will get you a LOT of deals.

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