Bundled properties purchase - water damage

Hi Everyone,

I am interested in buying a property where the current owner is out of state. This property is listed at 60% of the ARV. From the pics, it looks like the property had some water damage - the ceiling tiles are stained. I don’t know whether this is a roof issue or if the tub/toilet over flowed.

The out of state owner had a total of 3 properties. She is willing to bundle this property with either or both of the 2 others. What are your thoughts?

I was thinking I would offer $35k onthe damaged one, do a rehab and rent. I don’t have details on the other as yet.

I think I would take a look at the property(s) first before I would put in an offer. Water damage could be anything and could have rotted out floor boards, support beams, allow termite infestation.