Bulk mailing postages for small llc

Does anyone have experience with getting bulk postage rates for mailigs as a small real estate investing llc? I am wondering if this is feasible. Basically, I am looking for a less expensive way to send out marketing campaigns, letters etc. I though that taking advantage of bulk mailing rates from the P>O> would help. However, I am not sure about what the requirements are to do so.

Zion R. E. S.
You can use the Postal Service directly to prepare and send Post Cards, just go to http://usps.com/netpost/welcome.htm?from=0001home&page=0129netpostservices
and you can see what they have to offer.

Richard Roop (richardroop.com) has good information on how to use post cards for REI.

Hope that is helpful…
Happy investing


If you don’t personally qualify for bulk rates, you can use other marketing services, which compose, prepare and mail to your target market, at allot less than the cost of what an individual can do it for, when you figure out the total costs per piece by you doing it. Here in Austin there are several companies, but they definately get the bulk rates.



http://powerplantmarketing.com (Power Plant Real Estate Marketing)

And if you were to work a deal with a Title Company, they are known to really do allot to gain your business, by producing professional brochures, or leafletts for the Real Estate Agents, but because that’s no longer allowed by law, it is very possible they will be able to do that for a Real Estate Investor. Give them a call. Mortgage Bankers, also have been known to do that. They want your business, so they’ll do everything they can to help you promote yours!

Good Luck!