Bulk Insurance Discounts for SFRs

I read in Ken McElroy’s book, “The ABCs of Real Estate Investing,” that “As your business grows you can bundle all your properties under a bulk insurance program, which generates substantial savings.”

I called my insurance agent at Allstate and he said they do not provide this for SFRs. In fact he said that insurers do not want to insure more than 8 SFRs for any individual because at that point it becomes too much of a risk for them.

I want to know if bulk insurance rates exist for someone who owns many SFRs and if so how many SFRs one would need to own in order to obtain bulk insurance rates. Also please list the name of the insurance company.


These do tend to be state by state because of the state (usually attorney general) but I use https://www.republicgroup.com/

Heck yeah you can get bulk insurance discounts.

Allstate does not offer those plans. But many other companies do. I personally get those discounts with two different insurance companies - PM me for more details.

The first thing you need to do is dump Allstate, and go with an independent agent, who can hook you up with not only better coverage for a better price - but a lot more options.

We use Guide One and Foremost for all of our SFH and duplex rentals. Guide One has a limit of eight, but Foremost apparently does not because we have far more than eight with them. I do get a small discount for multiple properties, but Guide One is significantly cheaper than Foremost even with the discount.

we have 32 sfr’s under one policy. look for your commerical independent agent in town. i just have one monthly pmt and anytime I buy another, they just add it. It’s amazing how much we saved.