Building Your Team

Hi! What’s the most effective way in which to begin building your team (cpa/agent/maintenance/etc)? I’ve joined my local rei club and will be attending my first meeting later this month. Is this the best way/or can I place ads that’ll seek out professional persons in these fields?

Thank you.

The team will fall in place as you progress. Don’t spend too much time worrying about building a team. I ran into mine through networking while doing things.

My attorney was a referral by another investor
My title company through a seller who had another investor not show up at closing and got it off the contract
My CPA is currently TurboTax online
My contractors are referrals and people who cut my grass

Your main focus should be getting that elusive first deal.

Thank you Fadi. That was good advice. :slight_smile: But attending the local meetings, would be the best initial move, correct?

Absolutely… you will learn a lot and meet other investors. One thing to watch out for is that clubs tend to invite speakers to come and give an hour free training and 30 minutes to pitch their course. I own many courses, so nothing against that… just don’t buy there and do research on the products first if you plan on buying one.

Gotcha point! I’ll definitely do my due diligence and avoid the sale pitches, lol.

thanks again

Fadi is correct.

Your #1 focus in this business is to find deals. Everything else is secondary.

Thank you!