Building the "List"

Which company do some of you have success with building a direct mailing list? I know the neighborhoods I want to target and could build my own list with a good bit of manual labor but am certainly willing to pay for it through a 3rd party.
Which filter criteria is best to use for preforeclosures?
Has anybody bought a courier route map from usps and tried that?

Preforeclosure is a different list than a farming list. Preforeclosures happen throughout the county. There are services that offer the preforeclosure lists monthly and they run around $50/month.

As far as farming an area, it also depends on your investing strategy and what type of home and/or equity are you looking for. There are many list brokers who sell such lists online.

Another source of preforeclosure lists are title companies.

Ask your title company if they will provide you with a list of homeowners that have ARMs due to adjust; you will find many pre-foreclosures in this demographic.


Scott Miller