building plans for apt building

i am also thinking about building my own apt building.
i saw on (similar to home depot) that they
have a package for a duplex, with everything you need to build.

anyone know of any sites where you can get a package for a 10 unit or something similiar, a 4 unit or 8 unit?

anyone ever done anything like this?
is it worth the time and effort?
i figure if a general contractor gets 20% of the cost of a building, that’s money i can make or have less in a property and therefore make more when i rent.



Though not exactly “stylish” - that Winwood Duplex is only $49k! I bet that would cost $150k+ if you paid a builder to make it for you new. If you had the talent and the team (whom you’d have to pay a salary or contract fee too)…you could put that baby together yourself and save a bundle. Pretty cool. Too bad they don’t have any of those near Dallas. =)

I just looked at the Winwood and I’ll bet it would not take much effort to either string multiple units side by side or back to back.

You would only have to account for a fire separation wall between them and egress windows, probably. With a little engineering, you might even be able to stack them.

I would definitely look into it!



The only problem with these “one size fits all” plans is that there isn’t any guarantee that they will meet you town’s building codes. And I bet if you read the fine print at the store, they will waive all liability for the design & the blueprints. Once you start getting up in units (4+), you really should have the plans worked up by an architect that has actually visited the site.

Also, most lenders will want certified blueprints done by a licensed architect before they will give you a construction loan.

I know this option will likely be more expensive but I wouldn’t want to take this level of risk by going cheap.