building my buyers list (San Diego)

I am another newbie and I am looking for investors to wholesale to.

I have attended the local REI meeting here in San Diego, but that isn’t coming back around for 3 more weeks.

Can you suggest ideas or directions you can point me in to find buyers in the San Deigo area?

I don’t know about the San Diego area, but in my area buyers put ads in the newspaper and the yellow pages saying “We buy houses”

I don’t know about your area but I have left messages about a property to sell quick to and no one has returned my call. I had it apprqaised for 40,000 and I am only asking 25,000. Am I doing something wrong. Thats all I heard finding the properties and getting offers accepted are the hard part and buyers would be there if its a deal well why haven’t they called me back. I even put all info on their web pages. :} I can rent though as a strategy but I wanmted to see if I could flip it first but maybe times are too tight. huh

REIA meetings are great. Also, call “I Buy Houses” signs and ads (newspaper/craigslist etc.) and see what these people are looking for. Call current landlords and see if they are looking to purchase other properties. Attending foreclosure auctions is another way to meet other investors. It’s good that you are ready to take action. Don’t be discouraged if you have a harder time locating investors this month…

ruready - buyers will be there if you have a deal…since no one is calling you back it means this isn’t a deal (that meets his/her criterion). Just because the numbers may work for you it doesn’t mean that they do for others.

Other than price, you don’t say anything in your post about your “deal”. The bottom line is if paying $25k for a $40k property was a deal your calls would be returned. There are a lot of unknown variables but on the surface I don’t personally know any investors who would pay $25k for property worth only $40k…