Building my buyer list... There's got to be a faster way!

If anyone can recommend an effective way to build my buyer list MUCH faster than I am, I would greatly appreciate it. I seem to be doing it in the most manual, one-by-one way! Any recommendations on getting multiple names quickly? thanks! :help

How are you building the list now?

Posting ads to Craigslist and other classified sites… Is this the “hard” way?

That is a good way, but you could also try calling For Rent signs and going to auctions and the best place would be your Local REIA.

Actually the best way to build your buyers list the quickest is to find a killer deal! they will be banging down your door.

It takes time to build a good one, no real way around that. If you have good properties, you’ll build one up much quicker. One of the thing I did when I first got started was to put other folks properties on my site and collect biz cards. Get one of those card scanners from office depot to scan them into a database and market to that.

You should also get on other wholesalers email lists, they always screw up and carbon copy everybody, giving you access to several hundred potential buyers fast.


Google “real estate wholesalers whatever city you’re in”. Google " We Buy Houses whatever city you’re in". And any other phrases that contain words of that nature. I’ve created 27 serious buyers in my area JUST by googling different terms…it works.