Building Buyer's List

I’ve been doing a lot of research and im ready to take action and start building my buyer’s list. I would like to get started wholesaling as soon as possible, but i need to build my list first so i know what people are looking for and how i could get rid of the properties… I’ve been reading through the forums and it seems everyone has a diferent opinion towards how to build a buyers list, where to find these buyers and what to say to them… so basically i was hoping some investors or knowledged people could clear this up for me and give me some advice on how to build a buyers list… “where to find these buyers… and what to say when i find them”"


Steve Raiken

Call the investors who post “WE BUY HOUSES” bandit signs. They’re looking for deals, and if you’re wholesaling this is a great way to build your list. Also, joinng any and all REI clubs in your area and network with the other members who are investors and always looking for opportunities.

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Whats your location.

City, State or closest Metro. I’ll help you find a few.

I live in south windsor Connecticut (The hartford area) THANX

Here are a one:
I’ll try to find more later.


I live in Springfield but work in downtown Hartford. Like already mentioned by Jim D, call the bandit signs and join a real estate club.

This is the best club in our area:

If you end up joining, shoot me an email so we can link up at one of the meetings.

Another idea might be to find yourself a deal first then post a generic ad in the paper. Make a list of the people who call on the paper ad as these people are buyer prospects for any future deals.

Hope this helps.

<<I live in Springfield…>>

Oh, one of those guys from eastern Mass, huh?

LOL – I’m originally from the Berkshires.


I run an ad in the newspaper locally from time to time, saying MY HOUSE IS IN FORCLOSURE–DESPERATE! and my #. I get about 35-50 calls per week. When you get them on the phone say you either just got a contract but you want to place them on your VIP list for more deals. They will be excited. Get their name, area they like to buy in, price range, cash buyer?, level of rehab, etc. get fax and email addresess. Then when you get a deal send the details to all on the list. You will sell the house fast. You want to have at least 30 on your list while/before getting a property so you won’t panic if you find a deal. From time to time I have rehabbers calling me asking “what do you got for me?” and a few want to be at the TOP of the list. Hope that helps

Ahhhh…the old “bait and switch”, eh???

I’d recognize it anywhere…


Keith, the berkshires eh’. Glad to see you made it out of the woods! Believe it or not there is cash flow to be made on rental props from your old neck of the woods…Pittsfield area etc…

Funny to think that Springfield is EASTERN MA from the perspective of you woodsmen…!! You guys must have thought of Boston as a different state all together…!! Oh, and some of the best skiing in the world at Jiminy Peak…!!!

Well, actually, I left because Boston thought we were in another state, except for tax time!!


when I tell them that the property is sold they don’t seem to care, they just want to be notified if something else good comes in. No one ever got angry, etc. I did have a property at the time I ran the ad, but they do go fast, but when they do sell then put them on the list. I didn’t mean to say that I never actually had the property. I did have a property at the time I ran the ad, for the record…

Thanks a lot guys that really helped me out… i will take the advice and use it!