Building Buyers List ~ Seeking good template for data collection form

Does anyone out there have a good template (or know where I can locate one) for a document that could be handed out to potential Wholesale Buyers at a group meeting; once completed, handed back to me so I can build a solid database? Thanks for any/all responses. Regards, John :help:biggrin

Always remember that the goal of any data collection device, especially with real estate, is gathering enough information so you can pick your buyers. Also, remember that the savvy buyer will not release his/her information. I laugh at RE folks that want me to disclose my contact information. I already have people selling me properties. So, I think if someone wants my business they should tell me what they can do for me (what makes them any different from the people I am currently using). The main thing is listening (especially if they are complaining). Get with me and we can exchange ideas.

The Dealmaker,

If you are a wholesaler, go to your local REI group meeting and swap business cards. Ask them what type of investor they are if it’s not on their card. Go through Craigslist and see who might be selling a rehabbed home.

Get at least one deal and list it with your local REI group or advertise on Craigslist, Lycos or some other site. Even if you don’t have a deal, advertise Handyman or Handyperson Special on these sites just to get people contacting you for future use. Rehabber investors (if these are the buyers you’re talking about) will reply to these ads, bust usually if you have a real deal with photos.