Building a Strong buyers list

Hi All:

I have attended a couple of REI meetings and collected some names of possible future buyers, however, what is a good sound way to advertise via newspapers, craiglist, etc so I may build a strong buyers list?

Any advise would be appreciated. :rolleyes

Why not use the internet to build your list?

You can create a free report for your target audience and they give it away on your website in exchange for a email.

It’s one of the basic ways of building a list on internet but it works.

Heck you can even advertise your free report on Craigslist. You can use your forum signature to get people to go to your website. There are many ways you can start building a list.


I would have to agree; the internet is the way to go for building a list. Use free classified services like craigslist and kijiji to try and draw people and then set up a page with an incentivized offer. Give them a special report, ebook or something else of value if they sign up to your list.

the best ways to build up buyers list

  1. get on everyone else’s list. every now and then they screw up and carbon copy everyone on an email, giving you access to several hundred people

  2. collect biz cards at all seminars and reias. scan them into an excel file with a cardscanner that you can get from office depot, then upload to your email software

  3. post ad in newspaper for houses for sale with you web info

  4. like the last poster said, add free reports to your site

A good method of creating a buyers list is to create a blog that you give away free information like this:

give away a UPV (Unique Value Proposition) like a free report in exchange for email or snail mail addresses.

slowly build credibility by working with other investors and meeting their needs in the community.

always do what you say you were going to do and be honest in every situation. your reputation will build over the years and help you in future buying and selling situations.

family, friends, and friends of friends.

you always hear about “so n so” looking for a house etc etc. get the word out that you get good buys on homes and you will have people contacting you to find them a deal.