building a buyers list

when building a buyers list what is all the info that i need from someone? just name and cell number? what else should i ask for?

I hope this helps

Date?How did you hear about us?____________________
And whom am I speaking with?____________________________________________
In case we get disconnected what is the best number to reach you?_______________
What type of properties are you looking for? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Do you currently own your own home or any other investment property? _________
What type of financing are you looking to do? ________________________________
(If they are financing) Have you already talked to a lender, If yes who, If no when are you planning on speaking with one?

(If they are buying cash) Is it possible that I could get proof of funds? ________________________________________________________________________
Is there are particular side of town or area that you are looking to purchase in? ________________________________________________________________________
How much money are you looking to spend?

If I were to find the perfect place, are you currently ready to make buying decision?

How soon are you able to close? ____________________________________________
What condition of property are you looking for?
(Circle) complete rehab light rehab carpet and paint other________________
How many bedrooms minimum _______ How many baths Minimum____________
Is there are particular style that you are looking for? __________________________
Is there a minimum profit you are looking to make per deal? ___________________
Are there any other particulars that you are looking to have? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________