Building a better way to find cash buyers

Hey everyone, I’m sure a lot of people in this forum just like me has had problems finding cash buyers for their wholesaling contracts or any other properties you might have for sale. I for one, am not rich nor do I know rich people. For this reason, I started looking for online platforms that might provide a connection to cash buyers looking for deals. Upon Googling, I found that there are a few platforms that aid in this except they’re all filled with scammers. I’m a software engineer by trade so when I see an issue that can be solved my first instinct is to build. I would like it any cash buyer, agent, or home owner (or wholesaler) can help me by filling out my survey below. I truly appreciate any advice given and I really hope I can help open a door for others to make great deals.

Cash Buyer Survey:

Real Estate Agent/Broker Survey:
Home Owner (Wholesaler) Survey:

i have found most of my buyers through social media. It is important to not get discouraged in the beginning because of the lack of reach you can have but once it builds up it is a nice source of buyers and attention to your deals

Agree with you, as social media influences the daily users. And here the content works at its best (Images/Videos) and of-course a reasonable demand.

  1. Facebook can a great place for finding local cash buyers. There are many local real estate Facebook groups that you can tap into.

  2. Your local real estate investing club or landlord organization, you’ll likely encounter a variety of cash buyers. Simply strike up conversations with everyone you can and ask what their specialty is while letting them know what you do.

  3. Find Rental Companies. One great way to find cash buyers with deep pockets in your market is to look for the big buy-and-hold companies, the companies with lots of rentals in your area.

a common way to pull cash buyers is from Cash Transactions from the MLS of a particular area. I believe many MLS sites put blocks up against web scrapers and things though. Possibly pull it from Zillow or another 2nd hand site?

Dang guys, these are great tips I’ve been looking for.

Do you have any others? We know some great, active lenders.

But right now we have too many deals and not enough sources.

Do you just join facebook groups and ask who is lending???