Builders Optomistic About Multifamily Growth

Thought some may find this useful.

Builders optimistic about multifamily development

WASHINGTON – Feb. 10, 2006 –

The MMI is a quarterly, nationwide survey of multifamily builders and property owners who are asked a series of questions about current market conditions as well as their expectations for the next six months. Survey answers are assigned numerical values to calculate two separate indexes, one tracking rental demand and the other tracking the supply of rental and for-sale units. The scale is from 1 to 100, with a rating of 50 generally indicating that the number of positive responses is about the same as the number of negative responses.

This is GREAT!!! That means the tren I have been experiencing of a waiting list of people to get into my property is only going to get longer as they entice more people to buy here Offer them cozy little apts for affordable rents then kick them out on the street cause they are turning their Apt into a condo.“one mans misery is another mans fortune” ;D

This is what forums are all about. Nice one FL Commercial Guy!