Buffalo wholesalers

Are there any Buffalo wholesalers out there? I am curious about the market. I have found a house in a good neighborhood in Buffalo but can’t seem to find any people wholesaling or rehabbing houses up there as of yet.

From what I understand it’s a tough market to wholesale in. I guess it would depend on which neighborhood though. Property value have declined tremendously. I’m only going on my own inside information. I’m from Buffalo and still visit and have family there. Where’s the property located?

The house is located in the Hamlin Park neighborhood. From what I hear it is a great neighborhood and many owner occupied houses.

Im in the suburbs of Buffalo and just getting back into real estate, had done mainly Mobile homes for awhile and did well. Had some family issues so went back to punching the clock, now trying to ease back in. The low priced propertys are a plenty, but just as everyone seems to be saying, the market is pretty crappy in all but a few locations around here. :-[

How is Hamlin Park? That is the area west of Jefferson, north of Ferry St. and east of Main st… From what I’ve been told (and I’ve done a quite a bit of research into the area) it seems that that is a really nice area and always has been since the early 1900s. I’d love an opinion of someone who is nearby and has more of a realistic view of the area.

I’m no pro, just over here getting my feet wet and learning, but i have lived in the Buffalo NY area my whole life. The biggest problem ALL the city and its areas have is lack of owner occupied propertys, more and more of absentee landlords.

Hamlin park is a very historic area and had always had well upkept homes, just seems they are following down the same path.

Like i said, im just learning and looking too, i looked through realtor.com and then used zillow also to look over the area and this is what i see, Hamlin Parks particular blocks seemed to be valued in the 30’s to mid 40’s ( i know alot of people say zillow is off their rocker sometimes, but i used it to check neighborhoods i do know locally and it was pretty close ) Now if you look south only 1 block out of hamlin, prices drop almost 20 grand, for example realtor.com has a home on winslow, which is just south of hamlin park and 1 street down from ferry, that home is listed for $7,900 :o

I obviously dont know exactly what your looking for or what you want to do with it, but Buffalo has gotten to the point where you cant even group pricing by blocks, more like streets. :frowning:

Heres a map of what they consider to be Hamlin Park, might want to search out maybe some listings in and around surrounding streets too.


If i can help any, let me know, i just joined here recently and am trying to read and learn as much as i can. I have always loved real estate and worked construction most of my life, so figured might be time to combine the 2 and take a leap. ;D

Instead of using zillow, you can check recent sale price on the city’s website. You can download a pdf of sales by address or by neighborhood. I first look at the sales by street, so you can see what the prices have been on the block. Then I look at the neighborhood numbers. From what I understand, you should evaluate Buffalo on a block by block basis. I’ve been doing my own research on Buffalo and have determined that I really need to go visit. Where are you from?

oh here is the url for the city’s website: http://www.city-buffalo.com/document_1842_13.html

Hope this helps.

Good Luck,

Nice city link resource Hope, thanks. Anyone looking to get into buffalo and needs a local eyes and ears, let me know. I have lived here my whole life and know the area’s pretty well. What i lack in real estate investing knowledge, i more than make up for in construction and building knowledge in all aspects including plumbing / electrical…etc.