What web browser do you primarily use?

I’m curious to know which is more popular.

Linux isn’t a web browser, it’s an operating system. Opera and Firefox run on it and IE could probably be made to run on it if you really wanted to.

Opera. IE7 if I come across a page that doesn’t play nice with Opera.

You forgot to include Safari for Mac users. I like Mozilla Firefox myself. I tried all the others and decided to stick with Firefox although Opera is a close second.

I use firefox as well, but just got introduced to Opera and I must say I really like it.

Personally, I use both IE and FireFox, depending on the purpose. If you care to know though, Internet Explorer is still the dominant browser which is used by about 79% of web surfers. Chances are that number will slowly decrease over time with a.) all the security features being designed in FireFox 2 (and 3) as well as other browser alternatives and b.) the continuous vulnerabilities and bugs that are being identified in Internet Explorer.


The only problem is that since Internet Explorer Ships with all Microsoft operating systems, they will have a natural advantage versus all competing browsers.