Brother and Sister Dispute Delays closing on Sweet Wholesale deal.

My bird dog/partner and I just closed on a nice deal for $8,000 frikn dollars, that’s $4,000 buckaroos each.

The seller an elderly Asian lady, signed a contrat with me on her house for $50,000 Within 24 hrs I found a buyer for $58,000 After we start escrow we find out that she had the title put in her name without her brothers acknowledgement. When its time to sign the documents the unhappy brother refuses to sign off untill he gets an equal piece of the pie. After a lot of up and down, We thought this deal was dead. But 4 months later I get an email from the Title company saying it just closed. My contract was only good for 60 days. It was quite the unexpected surprise.

This is the 3rd deal I’ve closed on this month, One with Rich for $2,500 each, and one I found on my own for $4,000 and this one for $4,000, along with the $300 I got in rent cash flow that’s $10,800 this month.

The crazy part is, this was a slow month, I got 4 or 5 more in escrow and getting one on contract tomorrow on a house Fernando found that I already got sold, also got a nice one in Corcoran that Jose found. We started escrow last week on it.

Some exciting times, and guess what? 2015 is going to be better. I Just ordered 500 Bandit signs, gona do some more mass mailings, the bird dog/partners are going to get out there and find some more deals also.

If you don’t believe this works, I dont blame you, it sounds crazy as hell, find junk houses, get them on contract and flip them with no money, never take title, never meet the sellers or buyers and pick up some insane checks. What planet are we on??? And this is still small time. Just wait till we get good at it.

Wholesaling works…, if, you believe.

Time to kick some Real Estate ass.