Bronchick Flipping Properties Course...Any Reviews??

Hi everyone. I am thinking about purchasing Bill Bronchick’s Flipping Properties Course (not book) maybe even the entire Success Library. I have read nothing but good things about Bronchick but nothing specific about this course. Has anyone purchased this course or any of his other courses (Alternative Financing, Lease/Options, etc.) and have any reviews?

Does anyone have any reviews on other wholesaling or flipping courses?

Your responses are appreciated. Thanks.

Check out the “investing audios” to the left of screen.
You’ll find wholesaling teleseminar from Bronchick, Jones-Cox, and others. This way you can take it for a spin before plunking down your hard earn cash.

Good luck.

Thanks AKT, but I have already listened to each and am now ready to purchase a course. Just trying to decide which is the best without buying all of them ;D.

Take a look at Steve Cooks “Wholesaling For Quick Cash”