brokers in the way

I,have a propertie that the owner was going to do the fin on,but we couldnt work out a deal because I was short on cash,now i have the cash and the seller has a broker that says my offer is to low,is there a way to see if she has even gave them my new offer.iam not sure if i can call them direct now there is a broker involved,that wants to play hard ball.

                                   thank 4 your help.

If you have their contact go ahead and call them, it’s not against the law or anything weird like that.

Don’t see any problem with having a broker involved. If you write up an offer, they are required to present it to the sellers. There should be no reason why you can’t work with a broker involved.

Required yes but they don’t always do it.

Put a stipulation in the contract that you reserve the right to accompany the broker to the contract presentation. Then you know that it’s being presented.