Broker quit in middle of sale - help!

Anyone interested in mentoring me through closing this sale? My broker just quit because it was too much work…what in life isn’t work?

I’m really good at research and very organized. I’m on my own and it’s my first offer. It’s a short sale and the property has a 1st & 2nd on it and they are with different banks.

What I know I need to do, but need help putting together…

  1. Write up a new purchase and sale agreement for 1st lender.
  2. Send in a HUD-1 statement to 1st & 2nd lenders. (Lenders have everything else).
  3. Help with negotiations if lenders don’t accept my offer.

Thank you for all your help! You guys/gals are the best.

What kind of help are you looking for. I’m sure I can be of some assistance.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

How do I fill out the HUD-1 to make it as appetizing as possible to the bank? I have to fill out 2, one for the fist lender and one for the second lender.

I’m basically regurgitating the numbers I got off my good faith estimate from my mortgage broker.

Am I on the right track?