Broker lost cashier check downpayment

Closed on a property locally through a company thats a mortgage broker and has their own closing company. Loan was a mess. It took 3 months to close on a $40k loan. They lost a $14k cashier’s check from me. They have been calling each day wanting me to check on the check status and get a duplicate. Problem is I’m really pissed at the whole operation. It took 3 months to close, I would get put off on almost a daily basis the entire time, loan officer would not return calls or take them when they were in. Closing agent in the same office was the same way. At one point it was held up for almost 2 weeks b/c I had $50k in my checking account and I had to prove where it came from (which was from a saving account transfer). It was a huge mess and I almost lost a great deal. Their good-faith estimate wasn’t all that good.

Anyways, does anyone know what my obligations are to them? I was thinking about waiting a couple months (just for revenge) or asking that they refund the $1200 or so in lender and broker “commitment” fees in exchange for me working with them. I’m normally not mean-spirited but I’m still fuming over their loan officer not taking or returning calls.

It sounds to me like a comedy of errors…only there isn’t anyone laughing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mistakes can and will happen during the process and I have made some myself. However, blowing the customer off or telling them that you can do something that you cannot, is absolutely unacceptable.

They would like their $14k if I did all the paperwork to get another check issued. Do you think I’m being unreasonable in requesting a refund of part of the “commitment” fees back in exchange?

Ha! I don’t think that you are being unreasonable. However, the reality is that they really don’t have to give you anything. Not getting them the money just delays the process longer.

You may be better off just putting this behind you. :-\

There is nothing being delayed, house closed in early December. They found out they lost or misplaced the check after checking the bank statements this month.