Broker acting as principal in CA investment

I’m planning to send a letter to So Cal FSBOs offering to list their homes, but also stating I might buy their home from them myself. Does anyone have any advice about how to market myself as an investor only? I’m presuming I need to disclose that I am a broker, but also that I will not be acting as a broker in this transaction.

Also, any ideas about commissions? I’m anticipating not receiving any if I’m acting as a principal - although I suppose I could negotiate the selling price lower.

Any thoughts would be welcome.

I personally have had better results sending to expired listings over FSBOs. I would definitely disclose being a broker, but also that you work with an investment company and might be interested in buying their home yourself. Go on to say how you can close quickly and why they should choose you, etc. As far as the commissions go, I do not think you will get one…but always negotiate LOWER!!! I mean it is your profit! hope that helps.

Thanks. This confirms my thinking.