Broken screw in hardwood floor

Pulling up ceramic tile and underlayment that was covering a nice wood floor. I am not sure what type of screws they used (cheap, obviously), but some of them broke off while pulling them out.
There are a few stubs sticking out of the floor about 1/16th inch. Any suggestions on how to remove these so the floors can be refinished? There isn’t quite enough sticking out to get a good hold with pliers.


i’d probably take a drill to them…

since your’re going to have to refinish anyway, I’d dig out the wood enough to remove them and patch.


Get hold of them with needle-nosed Vice Grips if you can…then just unscrew them.


Hello Lori,
You will need a smooth face hammer and a nail set. Are you sure they are screws ? The nail set will help drive the top below wood surface …screws ?

Very sure they are screws, they broke off as we were unscrewing them. How’s that for quality? :biggrin

I’ve managed to drive a flat blade screwdriver into a broken screw and get just enough purchase to back it out. Otherwise drilling it out is likely the least destructive. But any damage can be patched with color wood patch and sanded down.

Get a dremel tool, put a small cutting wheel on it, (about the diameter of a quarter) they sell both these items at Home depot or Lowes. Cut a slot in the screw and simply place a flat head screw driver in the slot and unscrew. Works everytime.

P.S. If you own property get yourself a dremel tool. They can bail you out of a lot. Grout removal, copper pipe cuts, drilling into tight spots, excellent tool.

We do have a dremel - quite a handy tool. Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to use this!

With all these suggestions, one of them is bound to work LOL!