British Project Manager In The USA Looking For Funding

Hello Everyone,

I am a construction project manager by trade and I have also worked on residential construction back home in England. I live in Indiana and there are plenty of real estate opportunities to make money.

I have found a project that I believe is particularly lucrative and I am looking for private investors to fund it.

My cash is currently tied up in the UK until the end of the year otherwise I would be using my own money, I am also new to the US so typical lending is not an option, not at least for another 6 months.

If anyone in the IN/IL area is interested, or knows a good direction to go the advise on how to raise the money would be appreciated.

Have a great day… :biggrin

What of project they and what are their dollar amounts.

wow! you really sound very contented and fulfilled on your career. but, have you tried asking help of an specialist? i think they have an idea on where you can raise your money.