brightest people of REICLUB

Are there any really successful people on this website that any of you would recommend reading their threads (usernames). I was wondering this so I can look through their past threads/posts and find more concentrated information.

the brightest people , anywhere, educate themselves. do their due diligence & don’t necessarily consider themselves to be " the sharpest knife in the drawer" :banghead :bobble

definetly me!! haha. Knowing a lot and doing a lot are 2 totally seperate things. Try to find someone who has DONE a lot. Good luck

DaveT - smart, understands financial and legal details and understands the big picture. Good information on wealth.

kdhastedt - smart - great practical advice and great sense of humor.

propertymanager - especially if you want to be a landlord in low income areas. I originally did not agree with his ideas and opinions especially about his tenants. But now I understand what he is talking about and his posts make more sense to me now.

Enjoy the wealth of knowledge!

Propertymanager - a genius

Dannythegreat - I haven’t seen or heard from that guy in a long time. But his postings show he sure the heck knows what he is doing

There are great posters on this site, but I would not name them because it is not fair for others. Read and see which ones fit you best.

It depends on what you are looking for…there are some great folks that kinda hang out in their areas of expertise. If you are talking about financing, there is a whole group in there; if you are talking about taxes and other legal, you can’t beat DaveT and mcwagner; if you’re talking about Sub2, $Cash$ knows the deal. If you want local-specific stuff, there are people here from most major metro areas and from lots of smaller locales.


Knowing a lot and doing a lot are 2 totally seperate things. Try to find someone who has DONE a lot.

Now there’s a quote I like!!!

P.S. Where’s that DannyTheGreat?..Is he climbing hills in Afghanistan? God bless him. 2 thumbs up for fdjake!

How about all the newbies that came here to learn instead of learning from the school of hard knocks? I think that’s VERY SMART!


I think a lot of ppl on here are obviously intelligent and successful…fadi, propertymanager, davet, kahastdet or whatever his name is lol…and others I cant remember their names.

Why dont you do what I do, and search for a specific thing, then read every thread that comes up, and read all of the responses?

I mean, Donald Trump, Robert Kyoasaki, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, creators of Google/Yahoo/, Warren Buffet, and hundreds of RE investors across the US who have written books are successful…so why not learn from them?

They dont return my phone calls very quick. This forum is more personal and specific to my needs. And of course, very timely.

Hmm…no one has called me yet from REIClub…I guess no one likes me :frowning:

I was just saying…you ask for successful investors to search for…but what determines if someone is successful? I could have told you I was successful, and you would have absolutely no idea if I was or not. Not only the “successful” people on here give good advice, thats why you need to click the search button and search for things that you are interested in (flipping properties/wholesaling/finding houses/business cards/etc) and read EVERYTHING, not just those crazy “successful” beings…lmao

Personally speaking…I like those crazy successful people.

Pick up Sam Walton’s book for 1 cent (used) on Amazon.

In it you’ll read about how in his early years he loaded up his station wagon with panties he had just gotten at a bargain for resale at his store(s).

I like Propertymanager’s quote:

“Do whatever it takes”

The sooner one gets away from the status quo…better off she/he is.

It’s simple statistics…don’t follow the bell curve.