Brick Painting

Hello everyone. This is my first appearance on REI Club so I am looking forward to sharing my experience with you. The seller has accepted my offer and contingent on inspection we should close in a few days. In the meantime, I am preparing ahead.

First things first, curb appeal. This property is a brick townhome sandwiched between two townhomes so I only have to paint the front and back exteriors. The back is in excellent condition but the front needs repainting. Based on my 7 years experience in painting, I know the front was poorly painted because of peeling paint (indicating that the previous painters just slapped on paint without any prep or sealing work).

I will be sanding down the flaky paints and sealing any cracks before priming it. It is minimal cost to do this. For repainting, I will be using elastomeric paint (designed for concrete, with strong ability to fill in hairline cracks and pores).

My question is regarding the prep work.

Powerwash or acid wash or both?

I plan to hold this property for 5 to 10 years so I know my paint job will last a long time. (If you know how to do it right yourself, then do it unless you have a contractor who actually knows how to paint.) I just want to make sure I use the best option to really clean up the front without damaging the brick and grouts.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Thank you.


Power wash only as the acid will break down any existing sealant, and will penetrate any holes or voids and unless nutralized will sit and bleed back through your new paint!