Branding Question for $Cash$

$Cash$, did/do you use car signs, or decals on your vehicles? Did you leave those on the car when pitching sellers? Did you wear branded business attire when pitching sellers?

After years of trying to be as ‘vanilla’ as possible when pitching sellers, I’m second-guessing myself.


Did not use signs on my vehicles. Dressed casually and stuck to my scripted presentation. The most important thing is to set up the appointment with the seller and since you are doing it over the phone make sure that the sellers are looking forward to meeting you and you do this by what you say. In other words I believe that if you use the proper presentation albeit on the phone or in person you will walk away with the deal.

My main source of advertising for sellers was the newspapers as they seem to ad credibility to what you are trying to accomplish.

Your answers on this board are helping many potential real estate investors, keep up the good work.


Thanks $Cash$!

One of my branding sites was the PennySaver, but they went out of business in 2014 and then somebody pulled them back together and they’re back. Same with the military base paper. Their publishing schedule is erratic, but their rates were/are fantastic.

I have my script down and rely on it like my Bible. I will continue with my ‘vanilla’ attire and car driving then. :beer

Thank you for the encouragement, I would say the same about you, and do.

To My Buddy in SoCal:

Would not be second guessing yourself…your results should keep you motivated for all of those years and deals you have done.

I’ve never used signs…I have a certain type of property of interest…vacant! When I inspect the property, it is purely to build a rapport with the seller and give him/her confidence that I am the only guy in town to provide a solution…their problem obviously is paying on a vacant house.

After I inspect house/gain confidence by seller/and realize the house is basically sound, then I start on my offers with unreasonable requests…subject to/lease purchase/and the like.

You and your responses on this website are constructive and inspiring to many…you are successful and I would not second guess myself…while on the topic…it is edifying and encouraging to speak with other successful investors along the way…that is what keeps your confidence up…when you are alienated or alone, doubt always enters in your mind…so find other successful investors and call regularly…I’ve always enjoyed our chats and it is great to talk shop with you.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Rob for that encouragement and advice!!!