Brand spanking new to the game

I’m brand new to real estate investment, aside from a couple of books and seminars under my belt. Naturally , I would like to start as a bird dog. Please bear with me my questions might sound really green to seasoned investors.

What kind of paperwork do I need to put a property under contract?

What is the standard finders fee or does the deal itself determine the fee?

I know this question might sound a litte broad, but any answer will help.

How should I get started? :-[

I would love to join an real estate investors club, but a little confused.

Do I need to pay to join?
Should I have a couple of deals under my belt before I even think of joining?

Thanks for reading my message and any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Look on your left side of this forum and cliick on Real Estate Clubs. for details on admission/fee.

Nah. I dont think u need to have deals to join. It never hurts to meet people and find out what’s out there.

Where I live, money is everything.

hi brandnew2dagame,you should find a club in your area and go to the next will get alot of info.the one that i go to is free and i walk away with alot more knowledge.I hope this helps you.Michele