brand spanking new in chicago

hello all,my fiance and i are just starting in rei.we have been checking this forum out and consider it to be very helpful ,but we are also looking for any local rei clubs or seminars that we can visit this weekend or whenever.any assitance at all would be greatly appreciated. thanx

You can look at the link over on the left under Investors Resources for Real Estate Clubs -

I personally attend a few. Some people go to the numerous clubs we have in Chicago based upon their location. I drive all over, because an hour plus drive is worth it, if I learn or get a new deal.

My favorite club, and the one I get the most deals at, is the WCRT ( ) that meets in Oak Park.

The largest is the CCIA that meets in Glen Ellyn. ( )

Either way, make sure you check them out and find the best for you. There are others I did not mention, but all provide their own unique service and types of people. So I say try to get to at least one meeting of all groups and see which one works best for you.

thanx 4r,we checked those sites and we’ve missed all meetings for this month but we’ll be sure to catch a couple next month.we are also interested in bird dogging to help get more familiar with there much of a market for that in the chicacgo area?we have 'real estate jobbing 101’by barry grimes but have not had a chance to read it yet.

I use bird dogs all the time on my deals. I know many other investors that do as well.

Before you get started, I made a posting on another message board that I think all bird dogs/wholesalers should read.

Talks about 10 things you can do to STRUGGLE.